YouTube Vanced Alternative in 2022 for Ad Free Experience

Why people are searching for YouTube Vanced alternative, which actually is an alternate for Youtube. The answer is because Youtube now doesn’t want Vanced to operate anymore so they have taken care of this in a legal official manner. After the legal actions taken by Google’s YouTube, the project Vanced has been shutdown completely.

Youtube Vanced
Youtube Vanced logo

YouTube Vanced the most popular opensource project by Vanced Team, was the best alternative for YouTube. It was offering all the premium features of YouTube and have extra added features as well. Because of all these it was famous among tech enthusiasts.

The UI offered by Vanced was exactly same as official YouTube. Yes it is true that there are many alternatives of youtube which can offer an add free experience but they can not match the experience of Vanced. The true lovers will miss Vanced. But anyway this article is all about what are different YouTube Vanced alternatives which are available online. So that you can geet rid of ads and available some extra features

Top 5 Best Youtube Vanced Alternatives in 2022

  1. YouTube Premium
  2. New Pipe
  3. LibreTube
  4. uBlock Add-ons on browser
  5. Secret Technique for ads removal from official app.
Disclaimer - The motive of this article is not to promote any app which are illegal in any manner. Instead this article is just educate the Reader about the Advantages and Disadvantages of other Platforms which are providing ads free services of YouTube and hampering in their business and the revenue of Content Creators. 

YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium is the official subscription based service offer by YouTube. If you want to enjoy add free experience while supporting the creators then YouTube Premium is the only way.

It offers some other special features like background playback and you can watch few youtube premium contents as well which are only available for premium users.

Advantages of YouTube Premium

  • Advertisement free experience
  • Background playback
  • Exclusive Youtube Premium webseries and movies access
  • Only Legal way And you will support the creators as well.

Disadvantages of YouTube Premium

  • Not available on every country yet.
  • Sponsor block features are not available like in Vanced
  • Swipe controls for volume and brightness is also not available like in Vanced
  • It will cost your pocket but help content creator to create more Content on the platform.


Newpipe is also an open source project for YouTube Alternative. It doesn’t depends on google API services, in easy way it doesn’t require any google account to run YouTube and it can be used in Huawei devices as well as it run without Google Mobile Services.

New pipe Youtube Vanced Alternative
New Pipe (Youtube Vanced Alternative)

Advantages of NewPipe

  • Ads free experience
  • You can download videos on your mobile storage as well.
  • Option to import Youtube Subscriptions

Disadvantages of NewPipe

  • Interface is lil different than original youtube so some one might feel uncomfortable
  • You can not sync watch history
  • You can not like or comment on any videos as you are not logged in with google-account
  • Not giving content creator a penny of motivation in any ways


LibreTube is also an open source and is a youtube client. Design of the app is quite interesting you can say its more intuitive.

LibreTube Youtube Vanced Alternative
LibreTube (Youtube Vanced Alternative)

Advantages of LibreTube

  • Free opensource
  • Ads free experience
  • You can chose defferent format and quality options while downloading any video for offline usage

Disadvantages of LibreTube

  • It has many bugs
  • Can’t login with Google account
  • Not giving content creator a penny of motivation in any ways

These disadvantages are for now as the app is still in beta testing stage. It is possible that the day this article reaches you these bugs might have been taken care of.

uBlock add-on or extention on FireFox Browser

This method is only for those who are comfortable with mobile version browsing. You need Firefox browser installed in your mobile device. Just go to Add-on option and install uBlock Origin there and you are ready to enjoy add free experience. There are different other add ons as well which you can check.

Advantages of uBlock Add on

  • Enjoy youtube without ads
  • Login with Google account and access history
  • Enjoy other add-ons which can offer extra benifits to you.

Disadvantages of uBlock Add on

  • You can get bored easily from the mobile view interface
  • No extra features which were offered by Vanced.

Secret Technique

You can change the DNS of your mobile to block ads. With this dns you will successfully block adds on your browser. No need to download any extensions or add-ons. And this will block ads on every website you visit. Isn’t it interesting a all in all ads free experience.

Follow below process step by step and change DNS of you mobile.

Private dns setting to remove Ads
  1. Open settings
  2. Go to Network and Internet (or WiFi and Internet) option
  3. Find for private DNS
  4. Chose private dns provider and change DNS to
  5. Save this setting and you are done. Now enjoy ad free browsing in any browser in your mobile.

Advantages of adding private DNS

  • Over all ads free browsing experience.
  • Need not to install any extra add-on and browser, just enjoy with the installed browser in your mobile device.
  • You can sign in with your account as well.

Disadvantages of adding private DNS

  • YouTube in mobile browser may not be enjoying experience for everyone.
  • No extra features which were offered by Vanced.
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After the closer of Vanced project there is no other app on the internet which can offer same features which were provided by Vanced project. But there are few YouTube Vanced alternatives which you can use and if you have money to buy subscription then no doubt YouTube Premium is the best among all. Its legal as well as it helps content creators. The final decision is yours.

Note: There are many others Youtube Vanced alternatives present on internet which offer ads free YouTube experience but I have not included every apps because more or less they are similar to the apps covered in the article.

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