Will India Lead Worlds FinTech Industry in coming years?

Few facts which indicate why India can lead World's Fintech industries

Google Suggested Federal Reserve Board to take Inspiration from UPI in India and Develop similar Real Time Payment System platform in America

According to The Economist Intelligence Unit Report 2021, India has emerged as Global Leader in UPI based transactions

Where Rest of the World are still using Card or cheque based Mode of transaction

Fidelity National Financial has rated UPI with their Top score of 5 STAR in term of Innovation and Customer value.

This same organisation has rated Chinese banking system with 2 STAR.

Fortune Magazine says "The instant real-time payment system has turned out to be the best financial innovation post independence in India" 

How UPI can contribute in India’s 5 Trillion Dollar Economy Dream?

Can India replace Visa, MasterCard and SWIFT like Giants at International level