How to Turn Off Reels on Facebook App if You Don’t Want to Watch them

If you don’t like short video content on Facebook, I totally understand this that why writing this article to show you how to Turn off reels on Facebook.

Actually after the huge success of TikTok every social media account has shifted their focus on short video content. You may ask was their such a need in the response of that I want to answer that YES TikTok has shaken the authority of all big platforms like Metaverse, Google, Pinterest and others. That is why we saw these platforms are now flooded which short video contents.

Turn off Reels on Facebook App

Officially Facebook doesn’t offer any features through which you can disable reels on Facebook or turn it off permanently. But yes there are few ways through which you can fulfil your desire of not watching reels while surfing Facebook.

  1. Using 3rd party apps to login Facebook
  2. Using Facebook on a mobile browser
  3. Using Older versions of Facebook

One by one we will see above methods in detail

Using 3rd party apps to login Facebook

When it comes to 3rd party apps for using Facebook then first question is what about security. So my answer to this will be try going for open source apps, they are comparatively more reliable.

My choice is SlimSocial (Click here to download directly from google playstore) its an Open source Add free platform which attracted my eyes and second is its super small size of only 200Kb storage space requirement. Using this app for running Facebook is in fact boon for privacy lovers. why? here is my answer SlimSocial code is available on GitHub anyone can check and contribute to it. It doesn’t ask for any special permission and it also restrict Facebook to access your data without your consent. So in my eyes its a win win It only shows you what is required vey minimal user interface and you successfully Turn Off Reels on Facebook.

3rd party app to turn off reels on Facebook, small in size and minimalistic experience

There are other apps as well but not in match of SlimSocial. Apps like Folio, Mini Social Browser etc can help to turn off reels on Facebook but they have in-app purchases and are full of advertisements which may ruin you experience and privacy is another concern here.

Using Facebook on a mobile browser

At the time of writing this article Facebook reels are only available on app so you can use it on browser and get rid of reels (Turn Off Reels on Facebook). For using Facebook on your browser follow simple steps:

  • Open any installed browser on your mobile
  • Type and hit enter to open facebook
  • Login with your username/ email id and password
  • And now you are good to go… Enjoy reel free experience for now as in coming days Facebook may introduce reels in browser as well.

Using Older versions of Facebook

You can download older versions of Facebook app by simply doing google search and enjoy old Facebook. But yes you can question the app as you don’t know what other malicious or suspicious things that older version of app can do because Facebook officially doesn’t provide their older versions. So you can not trust blindly on any app you have downloaded from any 3rd party platform ther than PlayStore or AppStore (in case of I-phone).

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Yes officially you can not turn off reels from Facebook but there are few hacks you can say through which this can be achieved. Among all the methods above I love SlimSocial because of its transparency and minimalism and if you ask me then I will not use older versions of Facebook because of two reason 1st is security and 2nd is I will miss the new features offered by Facebook.

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