How to Find Archived Emails in Gmail

Archiving Email is one of the many features provided by Gmail and is just a swipe away. It becomes very difficult to find Archived emails if you don’t know where archived emails goes when you Archive them.

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Figure 1: Gmail

For me every emails are not important and some of them are like I don’t want to delete them as they might be useful in future. So what I do is I simply Archive those emails to clear the clutter from my Inbox. I hope this is the case with you also. Almost all the Email provider give Archive features, after reading this article you will be able to Archive any email, find any of your archived emails and also unarchive them.

What are Archived Emails?

Archived Emails are the emails that are stored in another folder which helps you in clearing your Inbox space. Actually in this way you store those emails which are important but not that much that you dedicate your inbox space for that email. Basically those messages which you think that it might have importance in future you Archive them.

How to Find Archived Email in Gmail

Particularly if we talk about Gmail, then here Archiving any email means Moving those emails from Inbox to All Folder. So you can access and retrieve them at any time.

There are different ways through which you can reach your archived email. here are few which I use and are very convenient as well.

Archived mail through All Mail folder
Figure 2: Archived mails in All Mail Folder

Way 1:

Step 1: Navigate to the left side of your screen, where Inbox, Starred, Drafts are written there find All Mail section, you may have to scroll if you have many folders. In Gmail App you have to click on three horizontal lines and then you will get All Mail section.

Step 2: Click on the All Mail (refer Figure 2)–> You will get all the emails here including your Archived Email, or if you know your subject line or sender then you can search in this section as well.

Way 2: Running simple query to find archived emails

Archived mail through Script in search box
Figure 3: Search box

Step 1: Click on the search bar and type


Step 2: Hit enter and the results shown are all archived emails you have in your Gmail account

How to unarchive an Archived Email

When you have located your archived emails then its very simple to unarchive an email. Just follow below simple steps 🙂

Step 1: Select the archived emails you want to unarchive

Step 2: Right click on it and from the many options chose Move to Inbox. If you want to unarchive multiple emails then simple select all emails you want to unarchive and do the same (right click on any one of the email and move to Inbox) all emails will be unarchived in a single go.

How to Delete Archived Emails

Step 1: Simply find your archive email by following any of the above mentioned ways

Step 2 : Right click on it and click on Move to Trash then after 30 days email will get deleted from the Trash Folder automatically. In case you want to delete it from Trash folder manually then simply navigate to Trash folder (Left side of screen in same place on or two position above or below the All Mail) Select and Delete from Trash Folder now its permanently deleted and you can not recover it.


The easiest way to find Archived Mail in Gmail is to search in:archive (refer Figure 3) and it will show you all the emails which are archived. To delete simple select and right click then chose move to Trash. And to Unarchived any Archived email simply Select the Archived mails and right click on it and then select Move to Inbox

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FAQ on Archived Emails

Where do Archived Mails goes in Gmail?

In Gmail the label of Archived mails are removed and therefore they can only be found under All Mail folder (in left side bar)

Does archived mails get deleted?

No, actually you can not find them in Inbox folder. So majority of people thinks that archived mails are deleted but no Until you manually delete them they stay there in your mailbox under All Mail folder.

What is the purpose of Archiving an email?

You can delete those emails which are of no use to you but what about those emails which are of no use for now but in future you might require them. Here comes the role of Archiving an Email, by archiving an Email you make your Inbox more clean and also save those emails which might be useful in future.

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