Google PlayStore Policy Update: Remove Call Recording apps from PlayStore

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Bad news for users who use call recording apps from playstore, they will no longer find any of the apps available from tomorrow, May 11th 2022. With respect to privacy policy google has revised the terms regarding the call recording apps for Android devices.

remove call recording apps from playstore
Remove call recording apps from PlayStore for Privacy and Security
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According to a Source (user: NLL-APP on reddit), Google has updated the Play Store Policy that will be effected from tomorrow i.e May 11th, 2022. Among other changes, one is to kill all the call recording apps on Android. As per him the present call recording apps are using Accessibility feature to record the calls for android 10 and above as Google has already tried to put a full stop on these apps with android 10 upgrade but these apps started using accessibility feature for recording apps.

Google mentioned in a Webinar, “Accessibility API is not designed and cannot be requested for remote call audio recording”. The presenter says that Phone apps have access to your call audio but its partially correct statement only phone apps that comes with your phone or made by google can access the call audio any 3rd party apps can not access your call audio – claims NLL-APP reddit user.

Google’s policy change is limited to 3rd party call recorder on playstore only any inbuilt call recording functionality by the mobile phone companies like Google Pixel, Xiaomi, Oneplus etc will not get affected.

Remove Call Recording apps from PlayStore : Concern towards Privacy

Many of us do not care about privacy, actually we do not care because we are not aware about the ill effects caused by breach of privacy

You can read this article as it has covered the issues and also suggested measures to prevent our privacy in this digital era Social media.

Since Android competitor Apple has introduce strict changes in the privacy and security for their user with iOS 14. After this we have seen Android pushing itself towards the privacy issue as Android as a platform is vulnerable towards the privacy attacks because of its openness. So Google is changing their privacy policies to gain extra control over the platform.

With Android 13 they are introducing extra privacy controlling features at user end i.e. user can check and have extra control over the apps. Till now we do not know anything about data which is accessed by the installed app in the background.

It is clear that Google is now in mood to clear its image with these updates on privacy and security, majorly with Android 13. Actually it will be quite interesting to see how other manufacturers will be going to release Android 13 update and what will happen to the apps which are famous for breaching Privacy and Security.


If you ask me, its a good move by google to remove call recording apps from playstore, but there is a lot more to be done by Google on android to make it more secure and privacy friendly platform and win the trust of those user who are concern towards the privacy. As Apple still has the trust of their user and just because of this trust people buy Apple.

I hope in coming days more people will get aware about their Digital privacy and make their decision of buying mobile phone keeping privacy and security in their mind. And it is demand of time as well because we are moving towards a digital economy where everything from ordering food to booking hotels and traveling tickets, making payments for local shopping even baking has gone online and in coming days the foot fall on bank branches will decrease only, so Digital privacy will be hot topic in future.

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