Alert!!! 1st Find Hidden Camera with your Phone Before its too Late

In this post we have covered ways through which you can detect hidden cameras using your phone, at the places where you have doubt that someone is illegally watching you.

A well said quote says, technology is a boon as well as curse. With the super exponential growth in Internet, hardware and Software technology one can say that we are in the world of Knowledge which is freely available for anyone and everyone who has minimum resource to avail internet. But at the same time I think our privacy is at stake, we are totally unaware of our information which are shared with others. It is a serious matter really serious as we don’t know these gathered data will be used against us.

Cameras are such a marvelous inventions for mankind to capture any moment of life. There are cameras which are far better than our eyes but at the same time these cameras can be used against our privacy. Hidden cameras in changing rooms, office places, hotels rooms and sometime in bathrooms are such an examples. A news become viral about South Korean hotels were livestreaming their guests on internet using hidden cameras. Its all that in South Korea they were caught it can be story of any hotel in the world and you can be their target. So be alert and find all the possible areas you think has potential of hiding a camera.

Places where hidden camera can be placed

It could be placed anywhere most likely at those places where you can never imagine like :

Hidden camera
Different Possible Hidden Cameras available on amazon
  • Smoke Detector
  • AC
  • Mirrors
  • Room Ventilators
  • Decorative Walls
  • Old Decorative Collections
  • Electrical boards
  • Switches
  • Fancy Fans
  • Books
  • Desk Plants
  • Tissue boxes
  • You should search everyplace which has potential to hold a small camera

Different Types of Hidden Spy Cameras in the Market

  • USB flash drive spy cameras
  • Men’s shower gel spy cameras
  • Shower head spy cameras
  • Wi-Fi AC adapter spy cameras
  • Bathroom tissue box spy cameras
  • Electrical outlet spy cameras
  • Toilet brush spy cameras
  • Smoke detector spy cameras
  • Clock radio spy cameras
  • Cellphone charger spy cameras
  • Sports shoes hidden spy camera

Hunt for spy cameras using mobile camera application

If you are suspicious then its time to turn on your camera application in your phone and turn off all the lights in your room. Now using mobile camera as your eyes start searching for all the possible locations for any sparking whitish light, then set your phone down and investigate that place for the possible bright light source. As it might the spy camera you are searching for.

Although this is not a full proof way to detect spy cameras, you have to think like them and search the place for any possibilities.

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Hunt Spy cameras and listening devices Using Wi-Fi

Some Hi-Tech devices are WiFi enabled so to catch them you can turn on your mobile WiFi setting and search for any available devices. Your phone may show number of wifi available devices but you have search for Camera Cam Spy or any similar words or any brand name of such companies among the list of devices in your device.

  1. Open Setting in your phone
  2. Go to Networks and Internet or WiFi and Internet
  3. Search for new nearby devices
  4. If you find any suspicious device on the Network then start searching for all the possible areas, specially ports and plugs. Investigate properly and find out the device.

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Cameras Behind the Mirror

Simply touch the mirror with your finger and check weather these is any gap in between or not. If there is a gap then its a one way mirror but if you can not find any gap in between then its a two way mirror and there is high chance of someone on the other side is watching you or there can be a camera hidden.


With the knowledge of different possible locations and different types of cameras out there in market. I hope now you can look for hidden cameras more effectively in all the possible locations. Belief me you can not trust anybody regarding your privacy. Yes you heard me right No One can be trusted, Only trust your eyes and ears.

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