Dubai Frame – its Known & Unknown Facts

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An architectural master piece which holds the record of Largest frame in the world, is in Dubai UAE, know as Dubai Frame. The Guardian Newspaper says it as “The Biggest Picture Frame on the planet”.

Despite of all the big fames on its name, Dubai Frame is also famous for its controversies. The critics says it as “The Biggest stolen Building of all time”

History of Dubai Frame

Out of 926 proposals presented in Thyssenkrupp Elevator International Award The Design of Dubai of Frame won the 1st prize. This Award function was held in 2009 where participants were invited from all around the world to submit their design proposal for an emblem to create new face of Dubai

There were 11 Juries who are International Architects, a former and current chairman of the International Union of Architects, Thyssenkrupp Elevator’s regional chairman, Dubai Municipality’s director general and Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum were listed as ‘honorary’ jurors.

Finally, the design proposed by Fernando Donis won and the price money was 1 million dollar yes $100,000

Dubai Frame
Figure1: Dubai Frame

Design of Dubai Frame

Fernando Donis says that while designing the structure he researched the other structures present in Dubai. He noticed that the city is already full of emblems so he thought adding one more would not do justice rather he though out of the box and proposed an idea of framing other already presented emblems. hence the concept of framing the city is presented in the program and everybody liked the proposal of building a frame of 150 meters by 150 meters which can hold the past, present and future constructions inside it.

Dubai Frame Image
Figure 2: Dubai Frame Night View

The Design is created and positioned in such a manner that the new landmark of Dubai can be seen form one side but at the same time other older beauty of the city can be seen by the visitors from other side of the Structure.

The whole structure is build from glass, steel, aluminum and concrete which has logos of Expo 2020, embedded on the outer side.
There is an observation deck spans the top of the frame, with glass floors. Having a downward look is almost 150 meters onto the building’s lower span. The lower span has a museum which shows the the History if Dubai and a video exhibiting the city’s future.

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Controversy about Dubai Frame

According to Donis, the competition rules the author of the winning entry would retain the copyright to it and that the city of Dubai would not use its work until it had signed the appropriate contract for planning with it. However, the contract Donis was presented with in 2013 after a long back and forth by the city of Dubai declared the opposite. The architect was therefore forced to attend the project only as a consultant and to cede all his intellectual property rights to the city of Dubai. The document also prohibited him from ever entering the site or promoting the project as his own work.
The City of Dubai also reserved the right to terminate the contract at any time. Becauseof which the architect refused to sign such an contract.
After which the city of Dubai hired Arcadis’ subsidiary Hyder Consulting and continued with the project neither with Donis on board nor with his consent. Finally after trying all means of communications whith them, it was decided in 2016 to file an action for copyright infringement with the US Federal Supreme Court

FAQ’s related to Dubai Frame Visit

Where is Dubai Frame Situated in the City?

Dubai Frame is situated in Zabeel Park of Dubai City, and has quite a beautiful ambiance to enjoy.

What is the price of Ticket for Dubai Frame?

You have to pay AED 50 for an Adult which is approx 1052 INR or 14 USD

Can I purchase the ticket at the entrance gate?

Yes you can purchase the Dubai Frame Ticket at the Entrance of gate no 4 of Zabeel Park

Timing at which Dubai Frame’s visit is permitted?

Dubai Frame is open for Visitors from 9Am to 9Pm so please plan accordingly.

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