Want to Convert HEIC Image to JPG on iOS 11 or above

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Beginning with iOS 11 there are many features introduced in Apple ecosystem. One of them in which we are interested now is the default image file format taken form iPhone and iPad. Now those who are android user will not relate to the problem so for them I will try to explain. In the update Apple has changed the image file format from universal standard JPG to HEIC. Now you might think why apple has done this, so the answer to this question is HEIC format can retain higher picture quality in a compressed size hence, saving disk space.

In this article we will share step by step guide to convert HEIC format image file to jpg. It is my 100% guarantee that after reading this article you will be able to convert your HEIC image to JPG or any other format as well. So without talking too much I will start now….

How to Convert HEIC image to JPG on iPhone

If you want to save space on iPhone but want to share image file on JPG then there are few settings you need to change as shown below:

Convert HEIC image to JPG
Figure 1: HEIC to compatible file format on Mac
  1. Open Setting
  2. Tap Photos
  3. Find Transfer to Mac section
  4. Select Automatic (as shown in Figure 1)

In this way you can enjoy the benefit of both world, saving space on iPhone as well as while sharing you can share JPG format which is universally supported.

Permanently shift to JPG format on iPhone

If you have enough space on your mobile device and space is not a big deal then you can change your settings in such a way that photos on your device will be saved in JPG format by default.

Convert HEIC image to JPG
Figure 2: Permanently change HEIC to JPG
  1. Open Settings
  2. Find Camera and tap on it.
  3. There find Formats and Tap on it.
  4. Then select Most Compatible (as shown in Figure 2)

Convert HEIC to JPG using Preview

  1. Open HEIC image file in Preview
  2. Click on FILE menu
  3. Then select Export
  4. From the given choices select JPG and done.
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FAQ on Convert HEIC image to JPG

What is HEIC file format?

An HEIC file is a space-saving image format that uses High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) to compress and store images across your devices

Can Photoshop open HEIC format images?

Yes, you can open and edit HEIC images on Photoshop across Mac as well as in Windows operating system

Why does iPhone images are in HEIC format?

HEIC is more efficient way to store image files as save storage space as well as preserve the original quality of the image. So the Output is win win in terms of storage as well as in terms of quality.

How can I disable HEIC on my iPhone?

Simply switch to Most Compatible mode from High Efficiency mode from the Camera Capture Section inside Camera settings. We have included steps with screenshot in this article above.

Source: Apple Discussion Forum

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