New Crypto Gem Bitgert BRC20 Blockchain Fundamental Analysis, it will beat Ethereum in coming years.

Bitgert coin came up with BRC20 blockchain technology which offers zero gas fees, to deal with the biggest problem of Ethereum i.e. High Gas Fees. Bitgert being the first gasless blockchain, that charges only $0.0000000000001 as gas fee on every transaction for their crypto investors.

Experts says it is the next Crypto Gem, which has potential to give 100x returns in days to come. Their road map has lucrative targets for the coming years.

Comparison between Ethereum and Bitgert approach

The Ethereum Blockchain Platform has seen largest adoption only after solving biggest problems in the market. Ethereum has provided dApps which is adopted by Prediction market players, Gambling Platforms, Ethereum blockchain have Banking contracts, financial derivatives, hedging contracts, savings wallets, wills, and ultimately even some classes of full-scale employment contracts. And there are Applications which offers online voting and digital governance as well. And the most popular NFT platform is majorly based on Ethereum Blockchain.

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With BRC20 Blockchain offered by Bitgert has a disruptive impact in the market again same as Ethereum. This Blockchain has revolutionary functions to offer its users like zero gas fees fastest transaction speed, you will be surprised to know that Bitgert offer 100K Transactions Per Second which is the fastest speed offered by any platform today. And with this BRC20 has solved the biggest problem of scalability.

Reasons why Bitgert will show speedy growth

The developers at Bitgert are coming up with new revolutionary technology every week. Look into History, if you have a team which provides best affordable solution to the existing problems then it is really difficult to fail. The same is true with Bitgert, there are few points which will definitely convince you .

  • It is the Only platform with zero gas fees and the cheapest transaction fees of $0.0000000000001
  • With the launch of BRC20 they are onboarding 100+ projects every months on their blockchain platform, and if it continues then they will become the largest caterer and beat Ethereum in coming 12 months. At-least this is what experts thinks.
  • The Development of Bitgert Bridge is something which will make projects to migrate from other platform to BRC20 with easy. It will attract thousands of projects to their platform because of the fastest possible speed and least transaction cost when compared to every other platforms present today.
  • Their lucrative road maps, you should read their white paper. The plans till 2025 is awesome, if they managed to successfully implement what they have in their road map then it is a revolution.


As per their latest road map, they will have more decentralized platforms like the freelance market, and the launch of Paybrise (a payment system), Web3 products such as oracle and Geo DataMap will completely change the direction of the platform. If all goes according to their plan then the coin will soon hit the target which will create the buzz in every corner of the market and will give 100X growth to their investors easily.

How many Brise tokens are there?

As per coinmarketcap there are 427,350.68B BRISE coins that are circulating in the market and are in public hands.

Where to buy Bitgert at the current rate?

Bitgert stock are currently available at IndoEx, BitForex,, MEXC, and Hoo

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