About Anubhaw

Vision: founded by Anubhaw Dwivedi in 2021, with a vision to help everyone who is struggling with technology in his/her day to day activities, be it handeling social media, working on laptops, computers, financial market including cryptocurrencies.

‘Grey’ and ‘White’ are different approaches towards life through which we manage to support one another. Questions about destruction, love for technology, art, nature and fondness to travel- while dealing with other questions in the mind- if journey is more important than destination along with probing into questions of financial literacy in this technocratic age. All of these questions direct us towards becoming more aware by diving deep into approaches towards this life. Here, @TheRedSwan, we pledge to show you all…

Anubhaw Dwivedi :

Anubhaw is a firm believer of Each One Plant One but also adds that one must take care of the plant untill it can take care of itself otherwise all the plantation is just a PR Stunt nothing else.
He has Post Graduate Degree in VLSI Design and he shows keen interest in Technology as well as in Financial Market. He look thinks in a bit different manner, Anubhaw says that before taking decision you must think from other side of the table also.
Anubhaw thinks that -“Neither Capitalism nor Socialism is going to sustain and provide justice to the society, instead Public Private Partnership is necessary for unleashing the true potential of our society”. Already the movement has started and this world might feel the change in comming 2-3 decades, yes every change has to face resistance but changes are Inevitable.

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Book Recomendations by Anubhaw:

Anubhaw says that the more you read more humble you become in your life. You can find all sorts of solution whateverit may be in books, just you have to find the right book that deals with the phase you are stuck in your life and you can find that is you have enough zeel inside you.

One must read keeping all her/his biases aside

Personal SelfHelp category:
1. The Power of your Subconcious Mind – Joseph Murphy
2. Think and Grow Rich – Napolian Hill
3. As A man Thinkend – James Allen
4. Rich Dad Poor Dad – Robert Kiyosaki
5. Richest Man in Babylone – George Samuel Clason
Spiritual Books:
1. Zenyoga – PJ Saher
2. The Greatness of Saturn – Robert E. Svoboda
3. Patanjali Yoga Sutra – Swami Vivekananda
4. AutoBiography of a Yogi – Paramahansa Yogananda