5 Ways to Protect your Digital Privacy

How to protect your Digital Privacy, different ways through which you can protect your digital privacy, manage your digital presence, why is it important to protect your digital privacy, why is Online privacy important?

Why is Digital Privacy?

In a broad perspective protecting your data related to communication, personal information and browsing footprints is generally understood as Digital Privacy. Digital Privacy denotes proper data handling governed by certain regulations which aims to provide security to all those who are accessing websites and they should not suffer a violation of privacy or right to remain anonymous.

From healthcare, banking sector, governments to marketing companies, internet privacy covers wide-ranging issues, its not limited to few individuals. We are living in the internet era specifically in web 2.0 we have seen the boom of social media, in which, hashtags, tweets, live videos, and content sharing consumes our huge chunk of time. In the process, a lot of personal information is shared online which are at stake and they are generally used by the advertising companies till here its somehow bearable but sometimes these are shared in black market.
You must agree with me that how data collected by Facebook were used in the political campaigns by manipulating the countries populations belief. And these data collectively can be used to initiate civil war in different countries as well.
Now I guess its not difficult for you to think how much devastating these data can be if in wrong hands.

Why is Digital Privacy so Important for you?

Below are the points explaining why Digital privacy is important for YOU

  • Photos and Videos leak from social media – Everyday we share tons of info on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, which is likely to be on risky side for all those who share more than necessary .
  • Risk of Identity Theft – The privacy of your identity is at risk from cyber theft. Majority of population on internet do not care what they are sharing and at which place actually they are sharing their information. Hackers can do cyber attack to gain access of your personal data.
  • Risk of your Online Business from Cyber Criminal – In this age almost all the business have their online presence and therefore it is more important now than in past to take data privacy seriously.
  • Power to Manipulate your decision making – In the past we have seen how decision making have been compromised in different countries. And at the end resulting political power shift or civil wars in the country.

5 Ways through you can protect your Digital Privacy

Digital privacy https
Figure 1: https secure websites
  1. Only visit trusted websites unless you are a professional experts in this domain. You can verify the website you are visiting is trusted or not by checking the lock symbol before the URL of the website (shown in Figure 1)
  2. Uninstall apps you Don’t use frequently at-least not using from last 1-2 months. The application runs in background and gather some of your personal information like contacts, your location, media access etc
  3. Regularly check the permissions your android apps are taking and judge them if they are using what they require or not. For example if any sms app is taking access of camera then it is suspicious, you must revoke those access.
  4. Enable extensions which blocks companies which tracks you during browsing or surfing on internet this will help you in many ways. There are n number of browsers out there which provide these features like Firefox, Brave, Duckduckgo etc
  5. Enable Find my smartphone on your android or iOS mobile, this feature helps you to erase and wipe out all the data remotely in case of device loss. You will be provided with lock and wipe function to remotely lock and delete your device’s data.
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In this era of Internet and social media we all must be aware of our digital rights and consequences of loosing them. These data can manipulate your spending power, influence your political thoughts, can provoke you for civil rights.

Now as Web 3.0 is already there we all must prepare ourselves and there must be a strict policy to restricts these cyber attackers.

How can I protect my data privacy?

1. You must Limit the personal information in public domain
2. Browse in private mode
3. Use browsers like Brave, which block the web trackers
and there are many other ways which are mentioned in above article.

Which country has strict policy for Digital Privacy?

Countries in European Union have really strict rules and regulations for the companies which are doing digital business in their country. Strict policies against cyber attackers are now demand of time so that we can put some restrictions on them although its quite difficult.

1. Digital privacy rights

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