2 Simple Ways to Turn off Camera Sound on iPhone

Shutter sound makes you feel embarrassed are you wishing to turn off camera sound on iPhone. If you know how to Turn of Camera sound on iPhone then it makes your job easy. Don’t you agree with me. In this Article we will get to know 3 ways through which you can easily turn of camera sound on iPhone.

Use Silence Mode to Turn off Camera Sound on iPhone

To turn off camera sound on iPhone the simplest method is to put your iphone on silent mode.

Silent Mode of iPhone to turn off camera sound
Figure 1: Silent Mode On/Off
(Image courtesy : Apple)

Move the slider present on the side of your iPhone such as the Orange color is visible to you (as shown in Figure 1), this will turn On Silent mode on your iPhone and with Silent mode Turned On you can click as much photos as you can without any shutter sound. Yes you read it right so go on and use this feature and trust me this is one of the easiest method to Turn off Camera sound on Iphone.

Set your phone Volume to zero

Turning your phone’s volume to zero will also disable your cameras shutter sound. Now for turning your iPhone’s volume to zero

Notification panel of iPhone
Figure 2: Notification Centre
  • Open Notification centre by sliding on the top left side of your screen
  • Make the volume bar zero as shown in Figure 2
  • It’s done.

Now you can click photos without any shutter sound.

Turn on Live Mode

Live Mode is the new feature offered by Apple, in this mode camera sound gets automatically disabled. Actually it is necessary also as in Live Mode it captures sound of surroundings as well.

Suppose if Apple has not turned off the camera shutter sound then in Live Mode all you can hear is the shutter sound only.

For those who doesn’t know about the Live Mode, in this mode there is a recording of total 3 seconds 1.5 seconds before capturing and 1.5 seconds after capturing the image so making it a total of 3 seconds where it captures sounds of the surroundings as well.

iPhone Camera app interface to turn on Live Mode
Figure 3: iPhone Camera App interface
(Image Courtesy: Apple)
  • Open camera app on your device
  • On the top right corner of the screen check for three concentric circles (one over other) as shown in the Figure 3.
  • Click on the circle and Live Mode is active, Now go ahead and shoot noiselessly.

Click on the Live Mode option in the camera app as shown in the Figure 3. This will turn on Live Mode and in turn disable the shutter sound automatically.

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Live Mode is the new feature and yes it is interesting as well. But this is only helpful when you are interested in capturing the moment with sound i.e. you require the sound of the surroundings as well other wise this method is not useful for you. You can use the above two methods activate Silent Mode or turn your phone’s Volume to zero.

Note: The above method are useful for every model of iPhones and iPads. 

FAQs on How to Turn Off Camera Shutter Sound on iPhone

Is above methods valid for my iPhone X?

Yes, the methods shown above are valid for

Is there any features inside camera setting to turn off shutter sound?

No sadly apple doesn’t give you any option to turn off camera sound on iPhone. So use silent mode or turn down the volume of your phone to zero this will solve your problem.

Can I take normal photos turning on Live Mode in iPhone?

Sadly No, in Live mode it will capture a 3 second video 1.5 sec before capturing and 1.5 sec after capturing, and it will also include surrounding sounds.

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