1st Indian DIY e-bicycle EV startup: Convert Regular Bicycle into EV

Most of the Indian houses already owns a bicycle. So why not upgrade them to e-bicycles in less than 20 minutes of time.

Strictly electric EV startup company based on Mumbai India has launched India’s first universal electric conversion kit for bicycles which they called the EasyKit. The company claims that in less than 20 minutes anyone having the EasyKit can upgrade a regular bicycle to e-bicycle.

Vision of the company regarding EV market in India

The CTO Mr. Mihir Pawar has worked in several companies as a manufacturing professional and the CEO Mr. Durgesh Garud used to work as a chief operations officer at, finally came together and laid the foundation of Strictly Electric in Dec 2019, with the vision to promote the adoption of EV’s to the masses in India. They chose the to design and manufacture high quality Electric Bicycles (e-bicycles). After reading this suddenly a question arises Why e-bicycle?

Benefits of e-bicycle over other EV vehicles

To answer the questions, why e bike? You have to know that when it come to micro mobility the most convenient private transport is bicycles. Most of the daily routine journeys made via personal transportation are less than 20kms. Now with the conventional bicycles its very difficult to cover such a distance. Here comes into play the E-bicycles, which will give the extra boost required to you to cover such a distance in the cheapest operational cost when compared to other modes of motorized personal.

Here, you can chose to peddle by switching to manual mode whenever you wish to pump your blood and lose extra calories. Electric consumption will be least due to light body weight of cycle when compared to other motorized personals so will be the most eco-friendly among them.

E-bicycle has a burden of fixed battery when it comes to charge them, so the two of them comes with the concept of EasyKit. Now with this you need not to carry whole cycle to your place for connecting the charger, instead you can carry the portable battery to your room or office and connect it to the charger just like your cellphones. Isn’t it lucrative? Comment your thoughts below.

All the Components included in the EasyKit for converting e-bicycle

e-bicycle All Components included in the EasyKit
All Components included in the EasyKit (Source :

It is mentioned in the official website of strictly electric that they are providing a 209 wh Battery box, a controller Assembly which i think will act as the brain of the cycle, 250 W motor which will be attached with the front wheel of the cycle, a 2Amp charger which will charge the battery box upto 70% in just an hour, a Display box which will be used to change the pedal settings and turning on/off the Kit. A pedal Assist sensor whose work will be to provide the signal to the main controller that how much effort is being done in pedaling the regular bicycle and which this input signal controller will make decisions. A Throttle and E-Brakes which is in my eyes is the most important component among all. The box will also includes some wires required and tools to be used during DIY upgrade.

Steps to upgrade your regular bicycle to e-bicycle

Step 1 – Swap the front wheel and fit 250W motor included in the kit.

DIY step 1 e-bicycle
Swap the front Wheel
(Source :

Step 2- Install the Controller on the Handle of the bicycle, which is the brain on the whole kit.

DIY step 2 e-bicycle
Install the front Assema
(Source :

Step 3 – Attach the Pedal Assist Sensor, which gives signal to the controller about the stress put on the pedal.

DIY step 3 e-bicycle
Attach the Pedal assist Sensor
(Source :

Step 4 – Mount the portable Battery Box, which is capable of riding 25 Km in throttle mode and 40 km in normal mode.

DIY step 4 e-bicycle
Mount the battery Box
(Source :

Pricing of EasyKit

Strictly Electric’s whole unit costs around Rs 29,999 and clients can pre-book it for just Rs 499 on their site. On the off chance that you don’t have a bike, they sell a whole cycle unit with the pack preinstalled for Rs 37,499 which likewise can be pre-booked.

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